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國泰綜合醫院 1.11.21 apk Apk Files Downloaded 100000 Times, Developer is 創意島數位科技 CIDT Co.,Ltd Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 22
1. 認識國泰:讓您到院前多一分了解國泰醫院。
2. 行動掛號:提供民眾來院門診看診掛號服務,掛號時,可即時查詢門診班表與預約狀況,如預約是否額滿,門診停診與代診資訊等。
3. 本機紀錄:提供民眾查詢與刪除歷史掛號紀錄、預約提醒功能。
4. 最新消息:讓您查看院內發佈之最新消息。
5. 用藥資訊:提供民眾查詢藥品學名、中文名、商品名、規格、顏色、保存方式、用藥須知等相關資訊。
6. 系統設定:提供民眾設定開啟與關閉預約提醒、掛號記錄功能。
7. 交通指引:提供院內地圖,交通路線,大眾交通工具與停車資訊,電子地圖路線規劃等完善來院交通資訊。
8. 掛號查詢:讓您查看掛號的資訊,並且透過手機提醒通知看診相關事項。
9. 看診進度:提供門診看診進度,讓看診民眾可在來院途中與院區隨時掌握看診資訊,讓看診的時程與行程安排更為方便與自由。
10. 衛教資訊:讓您查看醫療資訊相關文獻參考。
11. 病症參考:提供各科別可看病症參考。
12. 關於系統:提供資訊系統相關說明。 1 Recognizing the CPA: allows you to learn a little more prehospital Cathay General Hospital.
2 Action Registration: To provide the public to the hospital outpatient visits registration service, registered, you can immediately check outpatient appointment schedules and conditions, such as an appointment is full, close the office and on behalf of outpatient clinic information and so on.
3 The machine records: to provide the public inquiry and delete the history registration records, appointment reminders.
4 The latest news: allows you to view the latest news of the hospital released.
5 medication information: To provide the public inquiry generic medicines, Chinese name, product name, size, color, preservation methods, drug information and other related information.
6 System Settings: Set on and off to provide the public appointment reminders, registration record.
7 Transportation Guide: Provides hospital maps, traffic routes, public transportation and parking information, route planning, such as improving electronic maps to the hospital traffic information.
8 registered query: Lets you view the registration information, and cell phone alerts through visits related matters.
9 Clinic Progress: Provides outpatient visits progress, so that people can see the doctor and the hospital district en route to the hospital to see the doctor keep abreast of information, so see the doctor's schedule and itinerary is more convenient and freedom.
10 Health Education Information: Allows you to view medical information relevant literature references.
11 illnesses Reference: Provides reference subjects not to be seen illness.
12 About Your System: Provides information system instructions.


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