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SacredSound - Visualizer 1.2.1 apk Apk Files Downloaded 50000 Times, Developer is GamesGreh Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 23
A wave visualiser or a generative art app with multiple styles of visuals from simple waveforms. It plots wave in a circle which makes simple but beautiful design from voices. Say aaa, ae, ooo, iii etc and see the design it creates. With simple wave it creates beautiful Spirograph. If you are interested in Cymatics, Yantra, Mandala then this will be some fun too. Try to put phone near resonating sound especially long pipes and see the beautiful designs.

It has simple linear waveform plot, spiral plot (Spirograph), other complex plots. It can also be used as a way to test and compare between voice and delivery of sound. For musicians testing voice by looking at design. How consistent is your lungs!. Deliver resonance and try to keep a waveform as still as possible. Indians can also call it Simple Rangoli Maker. Make Small Rangoli like fractals using MIC & sound. This can also help get good colors, template designs etc all created with minimum effort. For making sprite and game like graphic, generating some kind of texture for tiles. I was just thinking big screens on walls around in room with this visualizer responding to sounds :).

Help, tip, some of uses:
- Use a long pipe to sound. It works great!.
- Use resonating objects.
- To get flower like images enable "Draw Lines". Use bigger point size.
- Draw Lines + bigger point size give nice colors and designs.
- Draw points + normal point size gives good patters / geometry.
- If image is very bright use alpha control to reduce it. Opposite is low brightness.
- Helpful in meditation, doing Tratak (gaze) center, or some small points.
- Gaze or follow a point in smaller point mode using generator.
- Make designs, texture, tiles & patterns easy & fast.


- This is not a music visualiser because it is made for lower frequency range. I will see in future whether to support higher frequency or not after more features are added.

- If app stops drawing anything kindly restart app as it can happen sometimes (rarely).

What's new:

- Choose between point and line draw. Line draw is more dense and makes more color effects. Point makes more clear geometry which can be used for further processing.
- More color modes are added. Now one among 4 color modes can be selected.
- Particle texture is better with more blur. Big size now has more color effects.
- Random seed in generator.
- Generator 2 with multiple waves. More complex images are produced.
- Lines between points and shade lines between points and their origin. This gives more color effects.
- Added path draw mode. Now any desired lines, paths can be painted and it will produce wave effects on it.

Some uses of path draw mode are -
- Create stylish font effects at minimal effort. Even using voice!
- Create sketches and play with its outline glowing, emitting lights.
- As a particle effect tool.

TODO, Future versions:

- Texture can be changed. Example change point with a small leaf and plot it on big size mode. This has been implemented and giving more beautiful designs but i am testing it more.

- More complex plot modes. I am working on fractals and 3D. 3D has been implemented but shaders with more beautiful effects needs more testing.

- More complex generators.

- In future versions i will add presets so that settings suitable for a particular task is easily setup.

I will try to get more neon, glow, bloom like effects to render more beautiful arts. This app has many uses and will be added with more features.


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