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Clone Replayer 3.10-spring apk Apk Files Downloaded 100000 Times, Developer is Dump Cookie Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 23
Clone Replayer is a audio player so called a repeat player, support simple automatic voice segmentation, playback speed controlling (can be used audio speed changer) and subtitle editing

Clone Replayer is very useful for English or any other language learners

Several types of audio files like as mp3/wav/ogg/m4a/aac/flac etc are supported and MP4 playback supported with video preview
(can be used as a mp4 player)

it is also supported to playback with speed control that does not supported by the default media player (before Android 6.0) using FFmpeg with Sonic or SoundTouch libraries.

This app is based off the famous opensource RingDroid and it also support audio cut & save feature.

v3.0 Release (2017/1/20) Please feel free to feedback!

Clone Replayer facebook page

- AB segment audio repeat player (playback audio repeatedly) without manual AB control
- Subtitle Editing (srt, SAMI(smi))
- MP3/MP4/WAV/OGG/AAC/FLAC playback
- playback speed control upto ~6x (in normal case, upto ~3x is useful)
- MP4 Video preview
- simple automatic voice segmentation
- support "Open a Folder" to play all the files in the folder (v2.60)
- Continue listening from the bookmarked playback position (v2.60)
- list style subtitle preview (multi language supported)
- support to convert encodings using the FFMpeg (like as avi => mp3)

Known issue
* some device can't seek ogg file correctly or segfault.

* audio recording (~50%)
* video playback using the FFmpeg (~70%)

- 2017/1/20 - v3.0 fixed Android N(7.0) compatible issues
- RC9p2 fixed TED podcast bug
- RC8 support editing a playlist etc.
- RC5 support YouTube channel etc.
- RC1: support A-B repeat...

- 4/30 - v3.0 RC1 AB-repeat supported etc. several bugs fixed
- 04/20 - fixed FFMpeg relocation problem with android 6.0
- 2016/04/20 - fixed old MP3 decoding bug
- 10/25 - fixed rotation crash bug
- 04/20 - support encoding conversion using FFmpeg, support Waveform caching
- 04/03 - support word dictionary
- 03/13 - support SCC subtitle / support web dictionary settings
- 03/06 - contact address-bell designation feature disabled.
- 01/31 - support LRC subtitle (v2.71)
- 2015/01/27 - support multi-bookmark / support voice-segment save menu (v2.70)
- 12/05 - enhanced subtitle editing feature (v2.56)
- 12/03 - support multi subtitles (v2.55)
- 11/25 - playback speed control (0.5~2) / subtitle editing feature (v.2.52)
- 11/21 - support MP4 waveform (v2.51) / VOA/TED/NPR podcast downloading
- 11/04 - support voice segmentation using high-pass filter, support WorkAudioBook subtitle (v2.33)
- 10/31 - support ListView style subtitle (v2.32)
- 10/28 - lazy loading big audio files (v2.29) and more bugs fixed (v2.30)
- 10/22 - manual voice segmentation feature added (v2.25) (long press to add/remove boundaries)
- 10/20 - SAMI support added / AdmobAd added (can be enabled/disabled) v2.22

* based on the Ringdroid open source (APL) thanks to the ringdroid team!
* libvorbis (tremor) (MIT) to support ogg waveform.
* libmpg123 (LGPL) to support MP3 waveform.
* thanks to J. David Requejo's subtitle support and to support MediaPlayer!
* Sonic sound library(LGPL) by Bill Cox, used for playback speed control 0.5~6x optionally.
* SoundTouch library(LGPL) by Olli Parviainen, also used for playback speed control 0.5~2x optionally.
* juniversalchardet Java port (UniversalCharDet by Mozilla Project). by takescape
* picasso Apache License Version 2.0
* mp3agic MIT license


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