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Age Calculator 1.3 apk Apk Files Downloaded 100000 Times, Developer is Nithra Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 22
Age Calculator App – This age calculator app was a completely free app which was in the offline mode. Using the age calculator app the person can find his correct current age. This free age calculator app has the more special features like Anniversary calculator, Age difference calculation between a people, Flames Calculator between a person, and more attractive crazy calculator available in the free age calculator app.

This age calculator free app, It is handy to find real age and age difference between two persons and anniversary calculator more all it has, manually age calculation and anniversary calculation is hard so we offer you this age calculator app application in which you can easily find your age and you anniversary days happening.

Age calculator app and Anniversary calculator with flames calculator– has the following features which are given on more user-friendly under different categories

- Age calculator – Get worked in everything in offline mode and it’s a free easy age calculator app, find your current age, your next birthday falls on, your age calculation based on Age in Years, Age in months, Age in weeks, Age in days, Age in hours, Age in minutes, Age in seconds and Age in milliseconds.

- Anniversary calculator – Calculate your coming anniversary days comes up, your next anniversary falls on, your anniversary calculation based on Anniversary in Years, Anniversary in months, Anniversary in weeks, Anniversary in days, Anniversary in hours, Anniversary in minutes, Anniversary in seconds and Anniversary in milliseconds.

- Flames Calculator – Flames game played by many which brings back the nostalgic reminisce of days in your school/college where you might have played this with so much fun and energy.

- Crazy Calculator – It’s a very fun playing feature available in the free age calculator app. It provides you to look on your past character, suiting different hairstyles, quote for you, you’re lucky number, person who cares about you and more about your super natural character.

- The Add List – It’s a feature where user can add the age details and the anniversary details calculation within this list.

- Most commonly in this free age calculator app you can share all the information available like birthday, anniversary, and flames.

It’s a very simple and easy age calculator app with anniversary calculator and flames calculator with more user-friendly, Make use of this free offline age calculator app.


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