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Requires SDK23

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FlyingFile 1.7.2 apk Apk Files Downloaded 500000 Times, Developer is Jiransoft Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 23
◆ FlyingFile supports the easiest and fastest file transfer between all devices.
1. When transferring many photos stored on the smartphone to PC
2. When transferring a large movie or music file stored on PC to smartphone.
3. When transferring photos, music, videos, etc. to a new smartphone by changing the smartphone
4. Need to share photos and videos taken with family, friends
5. Auto retransmission function for stable file transfer
6. Support various file transfer method according to network environment
7. Supports category(photo, music, video, document) and explorer modes

◆ Transferring files between my PC and Android device
1. Real-time file transfer by connecting PC and mobile of same account
2. Wireless connection without USB cable
3. Supports sending / receiving files as well as importing files remotely
4. Support automatic retransmission when file transfer fails
5. Multi-file and large file transfer support
6. Folder transfer support
7. File management support for mobile on PC

◆ Transferring files between android devices
1. High-speed file transfer in state of direct connection by WiFi-Direct between Android devices
2. File transfer without using the Internet (WiFi/3G/LTE)
3. Transfer multi files and large files at up to 250Mbps

File Transfer by 'FileID'
1. Real-time file transfer between all devices using fileID
2. Supported by PC agent, mobile app, and web browser(
3. Support multi file and large file transfer

Instructions for installing FlyingFile apps
- Permission to save files to mobile device using FlyingFile app.
- Permission to send files from your mobile device to another device using the FlyingFile app.


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