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ねとらぼ - 気になる・人に話したいネットの旬ネタをお届け 1.3.5 apk Apk Files Downloaded 50000 Times, Developer is ITmedia Inc. Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 25
気になる・人に話したいネットの旬なネタをお届けすることをコンセプトに、流行に敏感なユーザーに向けて、国内外の時事問題から、かわいい動物の話題まで、ジャンルを問わず有益な情報を、毎月600本以上の記事にして発信しているWebメディアです。 ★ popular of Netora pot is now app on the net! ★
The Netora pot app is an app to deliver the story of the topic now the net!

Without visited various sites to find the story of the topic
Given that Netora pot use the app you can easily to know the story of the topic.
Please use all means to download now!

■ The Netora pot features of the app
☆ to deliver now the topic of the article you want to talk to people.
☆ read crispy in vertical scrolling.
Article to be worried about ☆ Save the clip.
☆ morning Notice the topic of the article in the notification to the day and night.

■ Netora pot A
The concept that to deliver the seasonal story of the net you want to talk to Become and human care, toward sensitive user in vogue, from domestic and international current affairs, until the topic of cute animals and beneficial regardless of the genre the information, is a Web media that originated in the monthly 600 or more articles.


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