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Requires SDK25

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CHEERZ - CHEER for J-IDOL - 3.1.0 apk Apk Files Downloaded 100000 Times, Developer is Fogg,inc. Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 25
You can get closer to the idol girls through the live stream system "ちあスト"!

\Over 700 participating idols!( ≧▽≦)/

In CHEERZ, lots of cute photos will be uploaded by participating idols.
If you find a photo that you like, press the CHEER button to casually show your support.

New participants are constantly joining!


1. Check and support idols for free!
It's totally free to look at photos, watch live stream and cheer idol girls! Check the app when you have time and cheer the girls!

2. Idols post photos from their own smartphones!
Photos or live stream by idols on CHEERZ are always from their own smartphones.

3. Real time updates!
All the idols' posts will be streamed on real-time.

4. You can easily support your favorite idol!
Support the girls by pressing "CHEER" button, especially when you find the cute photos that catch your eyes.
As you CHEER idols, they will get more and more popular!

5. Your level will rise as you show your support to the girls.
As you CHEER idols, your level on the app will be increased and you can CHEER them more!

6. The more you support idols, the more you will get attention from them!
Each idol can check the ranking list showing
the supporting users/fans. The ranking list can also be seen by other users.

7. You can enjoy looking at the photos you've CHEERed in the past.
The photos that you've CHEERed are available on your "My Page" later.

※Usage is free, but specific items will be charged.

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