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Blade of counteroffensive 1.4.1 apk Apk Files Downloaded 5000000 Times, Developer is T_DASH Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 19
【 giant style wire action game of advance 】Blade of counteroffensive
Attack on titan game!

Action game that passes and has made [ri] Hama in wing - of giant-counteroffensive of advance.
Jump up and down and move, and kill the catch by the wire action.

The name also《 blade of counteroffensive 》

【 game description 】
The town has been invaded by the giant. ?
Ellen and Mikasa, Inc : to Coco. Human race..strong..Lance Corporal..provide.
You : the giant ・・・ The giant who spreads. All..expel.
The public peace is regained the human race and.

【 operation explanation 】
The character is operated with the controller and the button that has gone out on the screen.

・[Kyarakontoro-ra] ・・・ The controller under the left of the screen is moved up and down and right and left and the character is moved.
・The aspect controller ・・・ The aspect is moved as a controller in the upper-right corner of the screen.

1 and * button screen right buttons
・Wire launching
・It is a high-speed movement in the direction of the wire when pushing when the wire is hit to the obstacle.

2 and * button ・・・ Attack

3 and * button
・The wire is collected when pushing when the wire is launched.
・The camera aspect is returned to the default position when quickly pushing twice.

Use the wire movement and the collection function well and run about the field.
Moreover, the wire collection function will be useful when caught to the wall.

【 clear condition 】
Annihilate the giant in the stage.
It is not possible to topple a giant even if attacking excluding the weak point or leaving by when though movement becomes duller when the giant is damaged.
Weak point-【 back of neck 】
Dull movement and aim at the weak point well.

When the stage can be cleared, the point corresponding to the giant who knocked it down enters, and the character will be able to be strengthened with the point.
The point can be carried over. However, when the stage cannot be cleared, it is noted that the point becomes half.

【 remarks 】
・To display the advertisement and to optimize it, it connects it with the network.

【 correspondence os 】
Android2.3 or more

【 model that has confirmed the operation 】


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