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Requires SDK14

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テラリア(日本語版) 1.1.92 apk Apk Files Downloaded 50000 Times, Developer is SPIKE CHUNSOFT Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 14






※Android 4.4は動作保障外となります。


Published by 505 Games (and Spike Chunsoft for Japan region). c 2014 Re-Logic. Mobile versions developed by Codeglue. All Rights Reserved.

Digging, to make, to fight. Play type endless!

2D side-scrolling action adventure manufacturing "Teraria" has appeared on the Android in response to the Japanese!

Teraria world is constituted by blocked or trees, such as ore, by the break down by using, for example, or ax pickaxe, can be collected as a material.
If you use a material such as monsters and blocks were collected to drop, it can be made or an item, build the building of a free form.
Let's explore freely the vast map to seek the enemy, which is not yet seen it, and in search of a new material.

-Character input
Input of the World name and character name in this app is compatible only alphanumeric characters. Please enter switch to the Roman character input keyboard of available terminal.

· Multiplayer
This application is compatible with ad-hoc multiplayer up to four people. World of other players that are connected to the same Wi-Fi is displayed on the screen, "participate in the game."

 If you want to know more about the world of "Teraria", please check the official website.

※ Android 4.4 will be out of operation guarantee.
※ There are some non-compatible terminal.
※ I can not answer inquiries relating to capture method of the game.


Published by 505 Games (and Spike Chunsoft for Japan region). C 2014 Re-Logic. Mobile versions developed by Codeglue. All Rights Reserved.
In this software, I am using the Font Works. Name name of font Works, fonts Works, Fontworks, the font is a trademark or registered trademark of font Works.


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