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Green-Zones 1.2.7 apk Apk Files Downloaded 50000 Times, Developer is Green-Zones GmbH Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 0
Who is allowed to drive in an European environmental zone, with which vehicle type, on what day, depending on what weather conditions? Where are the environmental zones? Where can I order the corresponding badges?

It’s easy to lose the overview. The Green-Zones app helps you and supports you with the following features:

✓ A detailed presentation of all the rules and exceptions of all the environmental zones in Europe where an environmental badge is mandatory.
✓ A detailed presentation of all the vignettes and badges available in Europe, and the 17 types of vehicles allowed to obtain one of them according to their EU-Norm and their first date of registration.
✓ A geo-data based map system indicating the contours of all the environmental zones, including a zoom function.
✓ The daily information coming from the local authorities responsible for the environmental zone in order to know the rules and traffics bans planned for the next day.
✓ Reports of announcements from the authorities for temporary traffic restrictions in an environmental zone for the next day.
✓ An easy and quick way to order each European badge or vignette on the app.


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