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TurkSat Frequency Channels 3.1 apk Apk Files Downloaded 100000 Times, Developer is STCOM.Dev Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 23
"TurkSat Frequency Channels" gives you detailed information about the old and the updated frequencies in 2017 for all TV and Radio channels on the orbit 42° E.

The features of the app:
• Easy to use with a simple interface for TV channels, Radio.
• Detailed information for each channel (frequency - Polarization - SR -FEC -Modulation -System - Channel Status (SD or HD / encrypted or Clear).)
• You can search the list of TV and Radio channels with detailed information on each channel
• You can search the list of frequencies
• You can enter the channel name you want to find detailed information.
• You can enter the frequency you want to search and list all the TV channels with the same frequency.
• The channels are organized by frequency
• This application requires no Internet connection.
• More than 400 TV Channel

All frequencies belong to the following satellites (same orbit 42° East): TurkSat 2A / TurkSat 3A/ TurkSat 4A.

languages ​​App that should be supported by Phone: English, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Turkish.


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