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z.Notes 1.6.0 apk Apk Files Downloaded 5000 Times, Developer is z.mobisoft Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 17
What is the z.Notes program like? This is a free application for Android-phones, with which you can store any kind of information which is often used in everyday life. With this program there is no need to have a paper notebook and a pen wasting your time looking for the required information among the crop of pages. In the z.Notes program these actions are raised to automatism! Any information is added to it easily and quickly being stored in a thematic directory, and if necessary, it can be found within seconds using keywords. Do you want to attach your note with a picture, file or a contact? Within seconds it can be done in a simple and user-friendly interface.

Features of the z.Notes program
• Creation of different notes which can be attached with an image, audio and video, contacts and any other files.
• Making a list of errands, a shopping list and a lot of more.
• Using the program as a reference with the possibility of structuring the information on your own.

Only at first sight it may seem that the program set of functions is standard, but it is not. In contrast to many analogues, the z.Notes program has a number of advantages:
• This is the only program that has the possibility of hierarchical organization of notes.
• And only with this program you can edit several notes simultaneously.
• Any note or photo can be given a name and description, making it easier to be found.
• Each note has a CheckBox and a ProgressBar, which will inform about the progress percentage of this or that task, as well as giving the possibility to change the level of its readiness.
• It is possible to create links between the notes, making them possible to be used as tags. One and the same note can be available in different places stated by you.

Why should you install the z.Notes program?
• This program will make it convenient to enter and store any kind of information given in text format or in the form of an image.
• Among the vast amount of information the required note can be quickly found using keywords.
• User-friendly and handy interface, nothing useless and the possibility of fast editing of notes will surely save your time for organization of the planned affairs.

The z.Notes program is approachable as it has a digital memory that will remember, store and make your information available anywhere and at any time.


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