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Battery Charge Notifier 2.1.2 apk Apk Files Downloaded 50000 Times, Developer is Utopi Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 19
Light weight app that notifies user at user defined battery levels to either charge the device, or to unplug and stop charging. This helps in observing the 40-80 rule of Li-ion batteries.

Most battery apps on the market only notify when the battery is fully charged, but only a few that notify user at user defined battery levels, and even fewer, if any, that can do so accurately with very little resource. That's why we wrote this app.

The reason why we want to stop charging before a battery is fully charged is to extend the lifespan of the battery. Virtually all mobile devices nowadays uses Lithium batteries and Lithium batteries work best when they are charged in the middle range, say 40% to 80% or 50% to 75%. So if you are really particular about optimizing and extending your battery's lifespan, Battery Charge Notifier could help you achieve it.

◆ Notify when battery charges and discharges to any user defined levels
◆ Sound, Vibrate, LED, and Toast notifications
◆ Notify with user defined sounds (Supports Notification, Ringtone, and Alarm sounds)
◆ LED notification color option on devices with multi-colored LEDs (Know where the notification is from without turning on the screen!)
◆ Repeat notifications
◆ Notification auto cancel after plugging or unplugging device
◆ Do Not Remind Again option to stop further notifications
◆ Displays "Charging/Discharging since..." information so you can keep track of battery health and performance
◆ Start At Boot option to start monitoring after device boot up
◆ Downtime option to disable vibrate and sound notifications at user specified period
◆ Completely Ad-Free!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to give us a feedback or drop us a message. Thanks and hope you find the app useful!

◆ If you are using a Samsung device with Smart Manager, it can interfere with the operation of Battery Charge Notifier by deactivating it when the user hasn't launched the app in a pre-defined period (e.g. 3 days). Since Battery Charge Notifier is designed to work mostly in the background without the need for the user to launch the application in most cases, this can be an issue. You can workaround this problem by adding Battery Charge Notifier to the white list so that Battery Charge Notifier will not get "optimized" by the Smart Manager. Here's how to do so: Settings → Smart Manager → Battery → Detail button in "App power saving" section → Battery Charge Notifier → Select "Turn Off".
◆ If you are using Asus device with Auto-start Manager. Please make sure Battery Charge Notifier is allowed to run in background, and that "Clean up in Suspend" is disabled in the Settings menu. Otherwise, Auto-start Manager may decide that Battery Charge Notifier is not being actively used and prevent Battery Charge Notifier to further monitor the battery levels.
◆ If you are using other battery saver type of apps, they may interfere with Battery Charge Notifier. Please try to add Battery Charge Notifier to their white list if applicable when this happens.
◆ There is currently a known issue with Android Lollipop (5.0, 5.0.1) that would affect the accuracy of our app, which may result in delays when getting notifications. Google seems to have fixed this issue in 5.0.2, 5.1 and later.


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