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Nebula Wallpaper Parallax App 2.2 apk Apk Files Downloaded 50000 Times, Developer is Thalia Ultimate Photo Editing Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 25
If you want to discover the secrets of the mysterious Universe, you are at the right place! Nebula Wallpaper Parallax App will take you beyond the atmosphere, where you can admire the beautiful stars or just stare at the breathtaking constellations! You can also explore the amazing galaxies full of twinkling stars, where you will see comets up close, as if they were passing right by you. With 3d parallax background you can watch beautiful nebulae from many angles. But the best part is that this free wallpaper app is just a click away! You don't need to have a space suit nor spaceship, everything you need for a space odyssey is the new parallax background. So prepare for launching, download Nebula Wallpaper Parallax App and your space voyage can begin!


✮ Make your own live wallpaper using these fascinating pictures of space, stars, galaxy and nebulae!
☄ Enjoy the fluorescent images and 3d wallpapers and backgrounds!
✮ Select the degree of moving for background images to get a 3d effect!
☄ Add a blur effect to your cool 3d wallpapers!
✮ Choose the direction of moving from one side to the other, or up and down!
☄ Add a filter or extract color to get awesome 3d looking wallpaper backgrounds!
✮ Download nebula live wallpaper free of charge and explore outer space!

With the "nebula wallpaper", space has never been closer! You can have this "3d parallax wallpaper" for free on your phone or tablet. Sit back and enjoy all the beuaties that this space live wallpaper has to offer! Explore the Milky Way and other galaxies and find the brightest starlight. New intergalactic background will make your phone glitter and lavish your screen with many shiny stars drifting around! You can even create your own live wallpaper using various space images, moving backgrounds and fascinating "nebula pictures" so that everyone can admire your creation! All of this, including background changer, will allow you to make a perfect wallpaper for daydreaming. Waste no more time, download Nebula Wallpaper Parallax App and let the journey begin!

Forget the rules of gravity and start your cosmic adventure with the latest parallax wallpaper! Now you can enjoy galactic scenery every day on your phone or tablet. There are plenty of green and "purple nebula" background pictures, along with the amazing images of starry sky and galaxies that you can customize in order to create a wallpaper that suits you perfectly! Transform your mobile device into a spacecraft and take an outer space journey with your loved one, where you can enjoy the beautiful nebulae and watch thousands of stars lighting up the sky! Every time you move your phone you will be fascinated by realistic "3d parallax effect" that this background app has to offer. Since free download is available right now, install "Nebula Wallpaper Parallax App" and get your ticket to the stars!

Explore planets, galaxies and other space phenomena in our solar system with new parallax nebula wallpapers and backgrounds! This "space live wallpaper" will teleport you into any galaxy in a second, where you can watch "interstellar clouds" or nebulae in the night sky. Moving the device left or right will let you experience the parallax effect that this galaxy background has to offer! Shiny stars can always drift around your phone screen with new outer space wallpaper. You can have these parallax background wallpapers and 3d pictures for free on your tablet or phone screen. Hold a part of the cosmos in your hands with the "best wallpaper app" on the store! Download Nebula Wallpaper Parallax App and start your own space opera!


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