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Requires SDK22

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PlayerPro v3 Skin Material 3.0.26 apk Apk Files Downloaded 500 Times, Developer is PlayerPro Skin Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 22
This is a skin for PlayerPro Music Player. This PlayerPro skin brings a new design to PlayerPro, based on Android Lollipop / Android L.

This skin brings a new user interface look to PlayerPro. You need to purchase PlayerPro or install PlayerPro Trial version to use it. PlayerPro is an advanced music and video player for Android 4.x devices.

This skin is compatible with PlayerPro V3. It is NOT compatible with PlayerPro Legacy (V2). You must have PlayerPro 3.1 or newer to make it works. To check PlayerPro version, launch PlayerPro, go to Settings > About.

This PlayerPro Skin includes :
- Player Screen
- Equalizer Screen
- List/Grid View
- Lockscreen widgets

First, you must have PlayerPro or PlayerPro Trial installed.

Once this app installed, the skin does not appear in your app list. To activate the skin: from PlayerPro's option menu, go to Settings > Look and feel and select the skin Material from the "Select skin" drop down list.

If you have anything that does not work, please drop me an email.
Thanks for your purchase !

Inspired and adapted from PlayerPro's design and Material icons. Credits: doubleA

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