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Farsi-Persian FlashCards 1.40 apk Apk Files Downloaded 30 Times, Developer is Somnium Software Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 0
Known issue on some phones: If picture taken with the camera doesn't show up immediately, switch to another card then back.

Permissions: Storage, Microphone, Camera are used for the voice recordings, and pictures taken by the camera for use in the Flash Card activity.

Internet Access is used to get the RSS feed for a language learning channel on YouTube, if you choose a video, it launches your devices 'Choose what to run with' dialog.

The only data sent over the internet is the request for the feed, then whatever program you chose to run with uses, at that point it's out of the Flash Card apps control. Your recordings
and pictures are kept on the storage of your device (SDCard, or whatever is designated on your device). To save space you can change the resolution your camera is taking pictures at.

If you find a word/phrase that is wrong or doesn't work right, or if you would like a word/phrase added let me know...If you are a native speaker, or pretty good with the pronunciation and would be willing to do the default 'pre-loaded' voice files, send me an email. shambhu nath mahto has been kind enough let me use some of his pronunciations.

Thanks Patrick for pointing out some problems..

I appreciate any help/reports of problems that I made. The phrases are a bit...odd since depending on if it's formal, bookish, or slang the phrase changes. At the moment I prefer to think of this app as a vocabulary helper. I have some ideas on how to make the phrases work better.

Audio/Microphone for recording.
External Storage for saving the recordings as 3gpp files, they're kept on your phones storage. About 5-8k per word. You can find the files in Android/com.sousuke.fari/files directory after you record them.

A simple flash card type of app with a Farsi (Persian) word...tap the image to see what the word says. A small doodle pad is included to practice drawing letters and words.
Use this when you have a few minutes here and there to help you learn and practice the Farsi (Persian) language.

More cards/words added weekly, the app is continually be updated with new features.

A rich and poetic language spoken in Iran and other parts of the middle east. (Similar to Dari spoken in Afghanistan).

An area rich in culture and a heritage dating thousands of years.

In no time, with hard work, dedication, some initiative you'll be reading Persian poems, and the Shahnameh (Persian book of Kings) in no time...some of the most beautiful and cherished stories in the world.

Other material that you might find interesting or helpful is the podcast at or on iTunes. a website with easy to follow lessons and good material. has a day by day update of events in Iran.

Voice of America has a Persian page at

For more information on Iran, books that I found interesting are:
Honeymoon in Tehran,
Persian Mirrors,
Between Two Worlds.

for books on Iran/US relations:
Guests of the Ayatollah,
Oil Kings,
The Iran Primer,
The Strangling of Persia,
Shia Revival.

For Grammar and learning I'm using:
Elementary Persian by Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami.
Persian Grammar by John Mace.

And of course watching Iranian movies (Iran has an amazing movie industry) in Farsi is a good way to help learn Farsi, ones that I have seen and can recommend:
Children of Heaven,
Crimson Gold,
Afghan Star (This counts...right?),
The Color of Paradise.


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