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Sony Select 2.4.5 apk Apk Files Downloaded 5000000 Times, Developer is Sony Mobile Communications Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 21
厳選した最新の人気アプリをレビュー付きで紹介する、ソニーモバイルコミュニケーションズの公式アプリ「Sony Select」は、 Xperiaだけでなく、全てのAndroidスマートフォンで利用できます。

ソニーグループが提供するエンターテイメント・映像・音楽などの高品質なアプリ情報をはじめとして、仕事に役立つビジネスアプリから、オフの日を楽しく演出するアプリまで「Google Play」内のアプリを厳選して紹介。

「Sony Select」があなたのアプリ探しをお手伝いします。

TODAY‘S APP:注目の最新アプリを毎日紹介
POWER PUSH:Sony Selectが特にオススメの、高機能、デザイン性の高いアプリ
PICK APP:かわいい&おもしろいアプリを中心に手軽に使えるアプリをピックアップ



「Sony Select」からの新着情報をお伝えする通知機能を搭載しています

Android OS 2.3以上のスマートフォン、タブレット

※1:「Sony Select」では機種によって、一部ご利用になれないコーナーがあります。

2013年9月のアップデートで、「APP NAVI®」がプリインストールされた下記端末をご利用の方も「Sony Select」へのバージョンアップが可能になりました。アップデート後は、「APP NAVI®」アイコンが「Sony Select」アイコンへと変更されます。

■NTTドコモ SO-01C、SO-02C、SO-03C、SO-01D、SO-02D、SO-03D
■KDDI(au)  IS11S
■イー・モバイル  S51SE

Presented in reviews with the latest popular app which selected carefully, official app of Sony Mobile Communications "Sony Select", as well as Xperia, is available in the Android smartphone of all.

including the application high-quality information and entertainment, video and music by Sony group provides, introduce carefully selected app "Google Play" in from business applications to help you work, to applications that enjoyable day off.

"Sony Select" will help you find your app.


Every day introduces the latest Featured Apps: TODAY'S APP
The must-have app to more convenient and smartphones classic app that I want to put: Make sure mast application
Introducing faster than anywhere from entertainment, to cover up video and music, the application of Sony group of high quality: Sony app
POWER PUSH: Featured, high-performance, Sony Select app is well-designed in particular
Introduction summarizes the relevant app that fits the theme, such as applications and season: SPECIAL
Pick up application that can be used easily around the app funny and cute: PICK APP

New game: from the game to be able to enjoy simple, playable and thoroughly to widely introduce the latest apps
Featured Category: to focus on game one category every week, I introduce the popular game

Introducing the popular app rankings own: Weekly Ranking

I have posted a support information tailored to your terminal: user support
It is equipped with a notification function to tell what's new from the "Sony Select"

[Recommended Terminal]
Smartphone Android OS 2.3 or more, tablet

※ 1: There is a corner depending on the model in the "Sony Select", do not be part available.
※ 2: function and image of the screen depends on the corresponding terminal.

The update in September 2013, version up to "Sony Select" is now also those who use the following terminal that has been pre-installed "APP NAVI ®". After the update, it will be changed to "APP NAVI ®" icon to "Sony Select" icon.

■ NTT DoCoMo SO-01C, SO-02C, SO-03C, SO-01D, SO-02D, SO-03D
■ KDDI (au) IS11S
■ E-mobile S51SE


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