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Anti-theft : MobileTracker 1.0.1 apk Apk Files Downloaded 50000 Times, Developer is Soft Global Solutions Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 23
Anti-theft : MobileTracker locates lost or stolen phones and lost or stolen Androids Device
Find My Lost Phone contains a superior phone tracker tool and uses state-of-the-art GPS navigational technology to locate lost or stolen phones.
It is the essential app for anyone who has experienced the stress, worry, and inconvenience associated with a lost phone or even worse, a stolen phone.

Lost Phone Found, With Find My Lost SmartPhone android application

Find My Android Phone makes it easy to pinpoint the location of a missing phone whether it’s a smart phone or a feature phone. Better still,
the app’s navigational assistance can guide you to it, making lost phone retrieval quick and easy. To locate smart phones,
Find My Android Phone uses state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology. Essentially, cell phone companies know a mobile device’s distance from cell phone towers.
Find My Android Phone secures this data from cell phone companies and displays the phone’s whereabouts on the app’s map. From there,
it’s easy for you to retrieve the lost feature phone.
Find My Android Phone’s phone tracker feature helps you pinpoint the location of a missing phone using GPS technology.
Note: For this phone tracker feature to function, the app must be installed on the phone you’re looking for and on your own phone.
Simply check the app’s map on your phone and there will be an icon indicating the location of the lost or stolen phone.

• Track a lost, stolen or missing device whether it belongs to you, or any of your family member
• Locate smart phones and regular (also known as feature) phones via Find My Android SmartPhone’s superior phone tracker technology
• Enjoy a more diverse array of features and benefits
• Take image of Thief and send to your provided Email
• Determine the location of any family member’s phone. The ability to track other member’s phones is a unique feature not found on many other phone tracker apps
• Keep tabs on a lost or missing device with real-time location updates. When the missing or stolen phone is moved,its location is updated instantly on the app’s map
• Lock Phone with Admin Device
• Sim Change Alert
• Ring phone with admin device even stolen phone on vibration mood
Find My Android Phone Can Find A Stolen Phone.
Nothing is more worrisome and upsetting than a stolen phone. Thankfully,
Find My Android Phone includes a navigational setting that, as long as the location app is running,
tracks the whereabouts of a stolen phone and guides you (or better yet, law enforcement) to its exact location, quickly and easily.

Android Lost? Find My Android Phone Works with a Lost Android!
Droid users benefit from Find My Android Phone. Simply use a family member’s phone to track the location of the lost Android.
As long as Find My Android Phone is running, it can provide the navigational assistance needed to locate your missing or lost Android.


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