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Requires SDK27

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WiFi Monitor Pro - analyzer of Wi-Fi networks 1.9 apk Apk Files Downloaded 1000 Times, Developer is Alexander Kozyukov Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 27
WiFi Monitor Pro is a powerful network monitor that helps you to watch the state of WiFi networks by gathering data about its parameters.

"Network scanning" section performs search of devices connected to WiFi network and shows this data as a list.

"Connection" tab displays information about connected WiFi network:
• network identifier and BSSID
• router manufacturer
• connection speed
• signal strength
• frequency and channel number
• security options
• MAC and IP address
• subnet mask, default gateway and DNS address.

"Networks" allows comparison all available WiFi networks by the following parameters: network type, manufacturer, signal level, security protocol. Access points of the same network can be grouped together.

"Channels" tab displays network signals depending on its frequencies. The spectra of signals with similar frequencies can overlap and affect the quality of a WiFi connection.

"Strength" chart helps to compare signal levels of visible WiFi networks and check its change dynamics.

"Speed" chart displays the real amount of transmitted and received data.


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