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Requires SDK15

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The King of Chicago 1.0 apk Apk Files Downloaded 5000 Times, Developer is Cinemaware Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 15
The King of Chicago - Emulated Amiga Edition. Brought to you by Cinemaware®

Chicago in the 1930s: Prohibition, power struggles and rampant crime. Only the toughest of the tough survive. Capone used to call the shots, but now he’s up the river and Chicago is up for grabs. Violence, intimidation, bribery, treachery, and clout are your weapons as you battle the legendary Capone mob for control of the windy city.
Relive this classic Cinemaware game with all of the original storyline, characters, plots and sub-plots! A unique blend of role playing and strategy that pulls you emotionally into the story of Chicago’s dark side. Popcorn not included!

• 100% accurate emulation allows you to play The King of Chicago in its original glory!
• Become the new Boss in town now that Capone is in jail!
• Call the shots with the shady characters and their underground dealings.
• Easy-to-use controls on your device.
• Includes original instruction manual.


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