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One self-reflection question. 1.6.4 apk Apk Files Downloaded 5000000 Times, Developer is PIONE STUDIO Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 25
Is this your first time using Question Diary? Question Diary will give you one question every day.

Are you happy right now?

You can answer the question, or choose not to if you'd rather not. You will get one question like this, every day. Then, one year later, you will be asked the same questions.

Are you happy right now?

If you were shown your answer from a year ago, and asked this question again, what would your answer be? Would it be the same as it was last year? Would it be a different answer?

Are you happy right now?

QnA Diary, life questions, Question Diary with questions that help me find myself,

An application that allows you to find your answers quickly, hand-written in a diary. All answers are stored on the server. Answers can been seen from anywhere, and the application can be used from anywhere.

I have another question for you today.

What were you thinking about the most today? What would you like to protect the most in your life? How is it to be an adult? What is the coolest thing that you can do now? If you had enough money, what would be the most worth-while thing you could do? If you could have a superpower, what would it be? What are your strengths? What challenges have you taken on recently? What do you think is the purpose of life? What is a 'better life' to you?

I hope that your life will become even just a little bit warmer.

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