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Mobile Trader from Edelweiss 3.0.19 apk Apk Files Downloaded 500000 Times, Developer is Edelweiss Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 23
Edelweiss Mobile Trader is a new, revolutionary approach on how stock markets should be on your smart phones. Edelweiss Mobile Trader is a new-age, smart, stylish, powerful and a super speedy markets app that empowers you to trade in stock markets (NSE & BSE), monitor your portfolio, transfer funds, get expert research and strategies and do a lot more.

It empowers you with the most powerful charting tool for mobile app; it provides you all stock market news with sentiment analysis, all current and upcoming events plus so much more. But the best part about Edelweiss Mobile Trader is that it's FREE and available for all investors, traders and stock market enthusiasts.

So go ahead, click the install button and experience the new-age approach of the Edelweiss Mobile Trader app NOW!

Key features of the all new Edelweiss Mobile Trader

· Available to all!

- Live streaming of market information across the app. No login required!

- Powerful charting tool with live streaming charts and 23 technical indicators & overlays

- Dedicated Equity and Derivatives section that make decision making fast and easy

- News section with sentiment analysis - instantly indicates if news is positive, negative or neutral for the stock.

- Events sections with all current and upcoming corporate actions and economic events.

- Faster and easier access to Markets, Watchlist and Trading from anywhere across the app with just a single tap

- Performance of key market indices (Sensex, Nifty, USD) on demand - just 'Pull the bull'

· Exclusive to clients!

- Simplified Login for a faster and easier access to your account

- Speedy trading - Execute trades across NSE and BSE in asset classes including Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Mutual Funds, IPO, Debts, eSIP and Bonds within a few seconds

- Secured , speedy fund transfers from your bank account to your trading account

- Concise dashboard to check your positions, MTM, cash balance and limits at a glance

- Watchlist section with pre-defined options, flexibility of editing and ease of sorting according to change, change%, LTP, or alphabetically.

- Trigger price based alerts for scrips to ensure that no trading opportunity is missed

- Intuitive design, for seamless movement across information and trading sections

- Track profit and loss by checking your positions on the go

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