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Requires SDK8

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Cuber Quest 1.1.3 apk Apk Files Downloaded 10000 Times, Developer is MMz Tech Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 8
An epic adventure, filled with dozens of friends, monsters, puzzles, items and quests providing hours of fun. Enjoy the retro looking graphics in a fun and charismatic adventure around the Cuber World!

Some Features:
- Retro Graphics with Modern Game Mechanics
- Inventory System
- Bosses with challenging fight mechanics
- Free Updates with New Content and Gameplay!

The first update/free content will be released in end of January and includes:
- Adding 2 new spells (1 for Chapter I, 1 after complete Chapter II) providing new ways to fight mobs
- Chapter III (Explore Temples and Underground!)

Upcoming Features:
- For Chapter IV I want to introduce a crafting system in the game (something like Terraria's Crafting System)
- Dynamic Inventory System
- Spellbook (you will be able to customize some spells and create others by combination)
- Sandbox mode

Cuber Quest is a living project so if you purchase the game now, wait for good free updates in the future.

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