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Added: 2016-02-23T05:22:22.647Z
Hash: 3cd5b853d8e16a5f3c1fb94bec45909e
Requires SDK21

Price: 12.97 RON

CM 12/12.1/13 Theme Blue Hydra 1.1.8 apk Apk Files Downloaded 1000 Times, Developer is markbencze Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 21
This is CM 12 Theme chooser theme. You must be running a custom rom that has it or it will not work. This theme is meant to be run at your device's STOCK DPI only! I do not offer support for people who change their dpi to a custom value. Doing so may or may not cause issues beyond my control

I recommend reverting back to stock theme prior to updating the theme. After you update you may need to reboot.

The goal of this theme is to give you some texture back from all the flat material look everywhere so if you prefer flat, this theme is not for you!

Cyanogen OS 12.1 users: Due to Cyanogen OS 12.1 having true caller integrated into it's dialer you may experience an odd looking dialer. The workaround is to flash the zip from this link:
It will fix this issue. This is not a theme issue! Cyanogen inc has named their dialer the same as the regular cyanogenmod nightly dialer and it is completely different. The dialer will not look as what is listed here but for now, this is beyond my control. I will be adding a Cyanogen OS themed dialer in the next update so please hang tight!

I have included over 1100 original custom icons!!!
Make sure when you update you reboot afterwards to ensure everything is themed properly!
Whats's themed for now:

Keyboard (AOSP Holo White recommended)
Google plus
Google Hangouts
Hangouts Dialer
Google messenger (lightly touched)
Aosp messenger (fully)
Boxer mail
Google now
Google keyboard
Cyanogen theme store
Cyanogen theme chooser
CM nightly theme chooser
Quick settings toggles
Original Boot Exploding animation
Lots More!
Will update frequently to fix issues that arise.

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