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Added: 2016-02-11T11:19:51.287Z
Hash: 73f0061e829bb022978d5778e86dd787
Requires SDK0

Price: 2.19 €

Robo Defense 2.4.1 apk Apk Files Downloaded 1000000 Times, Developer is Lupis Labs Software Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 0
Robo Defense is the ultimate portable tower defense experience. Featuring open maps, upgrades, achievements and nice graphics.

The full version features 5 maps with unlimited upgrades and difficulty levels.

A free version is also available (try it first!).

Free version progress is automatically imported into the full version, should you choose to upgrade.

HTC Desire, San Francisco: Turning off "High Quality Graphics" fixes known issues.

Galaxy S: Turn on "16-bit Backgrounds" to fix studdering performance issues.

Atrix: Disable sound to improve stability

Performance tips: If the game is running sluggishly, try playing fully "zoomed in". Turning off "High Quality Graphics Mode", in the options menu, will also help on some phone models.


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