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Battery Level LWP 1.0.2 apk Apk Files Downloaded 10000 Times, Developer is Lappy Studios Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 18

Battery Level LWP is a live wallpaper that shows how much battery you have left on your phone. The battery level is displayed using different themes that are included in the app. The ability to change the theme means that there will always be a theme for you. The themes are built in 3 colors (green, orange, red), these colors are used to reflect the amount of battery you have left on your phone.

Each theme has its own animation that appears when the phone is connected to the charger.
In Battery Level LWP it is also possible to display your battery percentage as text. This text can be placed in different locations, formatted in different fonts and font sizes. Furthermore, the color of the text can be changed to suit your needs.

There is also an option that allows to change the background color of the Battery Level LWP.

Features included in the app:
• 4 free themes
• 9 different locations for the percent text to be displayed
• 8 different fonts
• Change the color of the text percent
• Resize percent text
• Animation when the phone charges
• Change the background color

This app is not optimized for use with HTC Sense.

If you have suggestions for improvement, or experience any problems please contact us.

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