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Requires SDK23

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XP Booster 3 2.4 apk Apk Files Downloaded 50000 Times, Developer is InfernoApps Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 23
Challenge yourself and how much perseverance do you have. XP Booster 3 features a simple counter that increases each and every time you click a button.

See how much can you click by not getting annoyed. Compete with your friends and see who is the most dedicated.

Gain tons of Google play XP while clicking on the button. The distribution of XP is as follows:-

10 clicks - 2,000 XP
50 clicks - 3,000 XP
100 clicks - 4,000 XP
250 clicks - 5,000 XP
500 clicks - 6,000 XP
750 clicks - 7,000 XP
1000 clicks - 8,000 XP
1500 clicks - 9,000 XP
2000 clicks - 10,000 XP
3000 clicks - 11,000 XP
4000 clicks - 15,000 XP
5000 clicks - 20,000 XP

Let's see how much can you click..


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