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Weight Track Assistant apk Apk Files Downloaded 5000000 Times, Developer is Kevin Tung Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 25
Do you want the ideal weight? Check it easily with the app. It's an useful tool to help you track weight daily and archive your weight goal. Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, tracking your progress is very important. When you log your weight, it will calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), body fat percentage, BMR and let you know if you are underweight, in good weight or overweight. In addition that you can track you weight three times a day to get the accurate weight. Then you can set your goal and record daily weight. And your weight will be displayed by a weight chart, so you can instinctively check the change of your daily weight and the degree of achievement for your goal.

In addition, to prevent the loss of body weight record, increasing the cloud sync feature. When you use an application more than thirty days, the weight recorded over thirty, the application will open cloud storage feature.

- Very user friendly UI.
- Real time BMI/Body Fat Percentage/BMR/Waist to hip ratio(WHR) value.
- Track weight three times a day.
- Detail weight statistics
- Daily weight track and weight goal setting
- Chart to view your weight progress
- Cloud synchronization function to prevent data loss
- Imperial and metrics units.


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