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GPU-L 2.0.5 apk Apk Files Downloaded 100000 Times, Developer is iJR Software Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 27
Do you want to mount a PC and do not know what graphics card to put it? Want to know the exact specifications of a particular graphics card? With GPU-L you can consult the specifications of all GPUs AMD, Intel and Nvidia and even those that have not yet been released. In addition you can compare up to 10 GPUs specification to specification.
* 800+ AMD GPUs, 700+ NVIDIA GPUs & 90+ Intel GPUs with all specifications.
* 100+ photos of GPUs (new!)
* Specifications Consoles GPUs like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc. are included.
* Function "Favorites": Add your favorite GPUs in one place!.
* Upgradeable database via Over-The-Air (new!)
* CPU comparator. Compare up to 10 CPUs! (new!)
* Offline operation, it is not necessary to have active Internet connection (Some functions need an Internet connection).

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