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Added: 2016-02-11T11:14:47.035Z
Hash: d16c55e4b15d0f1d7a7dc5736af8f68f
Requires SDK10

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BRAVO Skin V2.2-Sense 3.0 Skin 2.3.3 apk Apk Files Downloaded 50000 Times, Developer is Hateslinger Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 10
Good bye HTC, hello Samsung Galaxy S3! As of 07-24-12, I will no longer be supporting HTC Devices or theming on them . I have said countless times, HTC needs to be more open sourced on their M10 Skin development source code, but they have not returned my emails, calls, twitter messages, facebook messages or ANYTHING for that matter. HTC just doesn't care about the future development of their software. With that said, my skins will be free but no longer published.

I will however be theming on the Samsung Galaxy S3! NONE OF THESE SKIN APPLICATIONS ARE COMPATIBLE! The Skins currently published are for Sense 3.0-Sense 3.6 HTC devices ONLY.
If you'd like to follow my work or themes and ditch HTC altogether ;), please email me and I'll send you a link to the projects I'm working on.

Just a quick professional opinion about my new Samsung Galaxy S3…I can honestly say, Samsung is at least 10 years ahead of HTC on its screen resolution, quality and being open source with software developers. After owning the Galaxy S3 for a couple days, picking up any HTC phone is like holding a brick, trust me guys, don't buy another HTC. All major software developers have left HTC in the dust.

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