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Requires SDK11

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Soul of Demon Blade 1.3.4 apk Apk Files Downloaded 100000 Times, Developer is 3Epoch Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 11
★ ★ ★ The 1st RPG game Combining Diablo and Tower of the Sorcerer hitting the Google Play ★ ★ ★

==== Description ====
The world is once again under the shadow of the demon lord. United with the undead army, Soren is awakened and plotting to take over the world and exact his revenge on the Great Blade Master who had put him to sleep decades ago. As the best student of the Great Blade Master, it is your destiny to step out and save the world. Pick up your sword and start your journey!
You will find very good gameplay like Diablo.

==== Features ====
★ Classic fantasy story - human, demon, elf, dwarf, orc, undead.....who will survive the Great War?
★ Endless dungeons and legends - hundreds of dungeons and epic
★ Stories carefully crafted for you to explore
★ Enormous equipments and legendary sets - tremendous amount of unique and powerful equipments waiting for you to collect
★ PVP battle system - fighting players from all over the world. Are you the strongest warrior?

★ A fantasy world is waiting, the new legend starts with you

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