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Requires SDK19

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System cleaner 2 2.0.2 apk Apk Files Downloaded 50000 Times, Developer is Flaki Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 19
Clean and speed up your android device with System cleaner 2 free.
System cleaner can clear application cache and dalvik cache to free even more space.
After the integration of new apps, if all is working OK, delete the backup file to free the storage (on newer devices, without the external SD card, the backup will occupy the internal storage space, and there will be the effect that the cleaner has not done its job well)

If you have a Rooted device you have more options like:
- integrating updates in ROM
- Odex apps (this is still experimental so be careful)
- wipe dalvik-cache

In a stock, non Rooted ROM you can only clear application cache

It is highly recommended to make a nandroid backup before changing system files.

In case of errors, please send me the log that will show so i can fix the bugs and errors. Thank you

Updating system applications decreases phone internal memory, because the update is stored in /data/app and the original apk is still in /system/app.

System cleaner will automatically:
- create a backup of the original apps in /sdcard (in case you want to restore the original apk)
- delete the apk in /system/app
- move the updated apk to /system/app
- clear the dalvik-cache and application cache (optional)
- reboot device (optional but recommended)

By doing this, a considerable amount of internal memory storage will be freed.
This is very important if you have an older device with limited internal memory,
so you can have updated apps and enough storage for new installs.

How to use it:
- start the application
- let System cleaner check for updated apps
- start and let System cleaner finish the work
- restart the device (preferable with deleting the dalvik-cache to free some more space if possible)

Known issues:
- if you used Lucky patcher, you will get "Android is upgrading" on every boot after cleaning dalvik-cache (this is not my app fault) - remove the patch, reboot, then re-apply patch and the problem is gone.

NOTE: the first restart will take longer time to rebuild the dalvik-cache(this is normal)


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