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Empire War - Best MMORPG Game 2.934 apk Apk Files Downloaded 5000000 Times, Developer is FT Games Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 23
Are you ready to build an empire that will defeat evil and allow the hero to triumph? Download Empire War for free. Empire War is a fun role playing game (rpg) that lets you wage war against your enemies as you command troops in real PVP fighting battles. Empire War is one of the most addictive games in the Google Play store. It lets you be the shooter who builds an empire, conquers lands, and expands territory in an effort to become the greatest king in the history of the world!


Download Empire War to role play as a hero who fights in massive, multiplayer battles, all in effort to help good prevail. Strap on your armor and play one of the most engaging strategy games available in the Google Play store. Put yourself in character as the hero who recruits and trains an infantry and cavalry of soldiers. Have fun researching technologies and diplomacy that will ensure your survival as you’re fighting in concert with mighty allies.

Play this cool and fun shooter game in any way that fits your leadership style. Use whatever strategies and tactics you choose to give your troops an advantage while facing enemy shooters. Outsmart the enemy and build an empire that rivals Rome. Fight your foes while you claim new lands, and then proclaim yourself as the new leader of the world.

The App

Empire War is one of the most downloaded free apps in the Google Play store. It lets you join online with millions of others who play this awesome and addictive game, and it allows you to make friends as you unite in a true MMO war game.

Chat and unite with allies as you play a character built to be a legendary leader. You’re the hero you were always meant to be when you play Empire War, as you bring enemies to their knees and place yourself into the position of highest command.


Empire War is one of the top armor games available in the Google Play store because it’s free, it’s fun, and it’s addicting. Download Empire War to get:

•A free Roman strategy MMO war game!
•Connected game play with millions of other players worldwide like COK.
•Empire building capabilities like COK, COC, and the Hobbit.
•The chance to control multiple cities and expand your territory.
•Gameplay that includes a beautiful, realized Roman world complete with video, graphics, scenery, and animation of a legendary historical age.

Game Play

Empire War lets you conquer, and occupy, historical cities of many ages and the cities of other Empire War players. You bring your enemy, and entire regions, under your command as you recruit and train soldiers to join your cause.

Play Empire War for free to create an infantry, cavalry, and ballista and then send them into battle against other factions to gain control of regions. Use diplomacy to take over lands and further your conquest to be the king of the empire.

Become a King and Build Your Own Empire!

Empire War allows you to develop a strong and mighty nation through construction and research. Watch video, engage in activities, and immerse yourself in beautiful graphics as you use every resource to defend your people against your enemies and occupy new Roman territory.

Wage Massive Multiplayer War Online in Real Time!

As you play Empire War, you have the ability to take control of your army of soldiers and use strategy to emerge victorious from epic PVP online contests. Recruit some of the bravest legendary knights and lead your army to conquer the world.

Research Technologies and Skills

Invest your time in researching historical technologies from many ages to reap huge benefits like COC. The more research you do, the more advanced buildings and braver soldiers you will acquire.

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