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Advanced Presentation Remote 1.3 apk Apk Files Downloaded 50000 Times, Developer is 100dof Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 19
Advanced Presentation Remote is a tool that converts your android mobile device to a multi-functional presentation remote control.

In addition to helping you change slides, Advanced Presentation Remote can also function
as a laser pointer, converting your device's motion to mouse cursor movement on the computer display. If your device has no rotation sensors Advanced Presentation Remote can still control the mouse pointer as a remote touch-pad.

Advanced Presentation Remote works by sending simple control messages to a windows host computer (e.g., press key "X", change slide, move mouse upwards, etc). On the windows side a separate application must be downloaded and installed in order to receive the above message, translate them to keyboard and mouse events and "inject" them into the windows event handling mechanism.

The windows server application can be downloaded from

Please note that although Advanced Presentation Remote (the application that runs on your android device) is free, Advanced Remote Receiver (the application that runs on the Windows computer) is shareware. You can download it evaluate it for as much time as you wish but if you really like it and you would like to continue using it you should buy a license for a small fee. (10 EUR).


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