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Requires SDK22

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Super Polygon 1.5 apk Apk Files Downloaded 500000 Times, Developer is Dangling Concepts Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 22
Super Polygon is a twitchy hypnotic musical maze. It ramps up the difficulty gradually and adds Octagon mode, new patterns, visual themes & effects and original sound tracks.
Super Polygon is a rhythm based game that looks deceptively simple but is hard to master. Lose yourself in the minimalist action mechanic beating to the music. Your reflexes and patience will be tested. You will get trapped in complex polygon patterns, repeatedly die and get frustrated. But you will rejoice when you figure out the patterns and how to navigate the treacherous polygon world. So get ready for addictive gameplay with Flat, Dragon, Spikes, Bat themes and Day, Night, Dusk effects.
Check out the tutorial mode and then prove yourself in Super Square, Pentagon, Hexagon and Octagon mode to put your best score on the online leaderboard.

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