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Text Repeater 2.0 apk Apk Files Downloaded 100000 Times, Developer is CentroidApps Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 26
By using this application you can send the same message at multiple times. This app is combo pack for the all repetition app with a low size of the APK It is one kind of message repeater to send message repeatedly, and also you can set your repetition limit with new line text repetition. Using this app you can also make repeated letters using alphabet and emoji characters. Also, provide random emoji characters. Very easy to use and required few click for your message repetitions. Repetition process works asynchronously for longer repetition limits.
Key Features:

* Only type once and repeat it as many times you want.
* Also repeated emojis supported
* Generate random characters with default alphabet characters or ASCII characters.
* You can also modify output
* Share your repeated text on social media
* Copy your repeated text and post on social media
* Repeated Letters supported
* Send Empty Messages
* Random Emoji Characters
* Rich user interface in material design
* Crazy Text
* ASCII Emoticons


* You repeat message with each in new line
* You repeat message with index number
* You can set your own repetition limit
* Whole repeat message you can copy and paste
* One click to reset all


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