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Requires SDK27

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Marine Commander Watch face apk Apk Files Downloaded 50000 Times, Developer is Bosenko Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 27

- Notifications counter
- Weather with wind speed and sunrise/sunset times
- Air pollution (quality) indicator (experimental)
- Currency
- Crypto currency: Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin and etc. (35 quotes)
- Logo with compass or digital time
- Date and day of week (with a counter future calendar events, for the next 24 hours)
- World time with analog and digital dial and day of week
- Battery level of the phone
- Battery level of the smartwatch
- Steps counter (via Google Fit provider)
- Distance counter (via Google Fit provider)
- Support third-party complications
- Support Herat rate sensor
- Support Barometer sensor
- Support Thermometer sensor
- Support Humidity sensor
- Customizable color themes
- Customizable screen timeout
- Customizable brightness of ambient mode
- Protection against burning out of pixels in ambient mode


1. Install app on your phone (only on Android OS 6.0 or above)
2. Install app on your smartwatch (only on Android Wear OS 2.0 [Android 7.1.1 sdk 25] or above)

All settings of the watch face are managed only from smartwatch.

The application on the phone needed to transfer the battery level of the phone to your smartwatch. Please do not delete the app from your phone, otherwise not all indicators will work properly.

On smartwatch need installed app Google Fit. This app need for steps and distance counters.


Location - access is needed to determine the weather in your area.

Calendar - ccess is required for the calendar event counter.

Google Fit - access is required for the steps and distance counters.


The premium license removes only banner the "demo mode" in the bottom of the watch face.
In demo mode all functions are available.


This watch face supports only the smartwatches on the Android Wear 2.0 [Android 7.1.1 sdk 25] and above.

Battery consumption ranges from 2 to 5% per hour, depending on the watch model and frequency of use.

The compass will work correctly only if your smartwatch has magnetic field sensor.
If the compass shows wrong, do not forget to calibrate it.

The air pollution indicator (air quality) in the Weather complication:

Leaf - green, yellow, orange, red, depending on air quality.
Number below - air quality index AQI:
0-50 good,
51-100 moderate,
101-150 unhealthy for sensitive groups,
151-200 unhealthy,
201-300 very unhealthy,
300+ hazardous.
Miles/Km - the distance from you to the air quality measuring station.

If you do not see the air pollution indicator, then in your selected radius there are no stations connected to the international air quality measurement system.
We can not in any way influence the availability of stations in your region.
The stations for measuring air quality are present (not everywhere) in the USA, Great Britain, China, Japan and other countries.
There are no stations in Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other countries.
This function is experimental and we are not responsible for the accuracy and availability of air quality measurements.


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