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Requires SDK14

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Minebot for Minecraft PE 0.13 0.4.4 apk Apk Files Downloaded 10000000 Times, Developer is Big Fat Gorilla Studios LLC Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 14
Hello. I am Minebot.

I am here to help. I am your robot. I work in Minecraft Pocket Edition* version 0.13 (sold separately).

You can find my support of Minecraft PE 0.14 here:

I can do many things:

… like repeat patterns to help you build much faster

… or remove stone blocks and leave the good stuff behind

… or dig really huge holes quickly.

I join your game on Minecraft PE. You control me by chatting. Just tell me what to do. Use commands like “fill,” “mine,” or “dig.”

I work two different ways:

… on the same device as Minecraft.

… on a separate phone or tablet. I connect over WiFi to Minecraft.

Hello. What would you like to do?

Here are some demos of me in action:

Check me out on iOS as well:

* Minebot is not a official Minecraft product, not approved by or associated with Mojang.


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