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Requires SDK25

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Flippy Hills 1.1.64 apk Apk Files Downloaded 1000000 Times, Developer is Woof Games Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 25
Flippy Hills is an original arcade game with cool physics that will give you plenty of thrills and spills, epic wins, fails and tricks in two modes of your choice:

An adventure over dozens of levels, starting from the easiest right up to the most hardcore difficult.

Endless assault courses to compete with your friends and gain records.

- Original game mechanics based on genuine physics—these chickens get smashed up like real ones!
- We’ve made a bunch of hardcore levels for players who love extreme difficulty. Don’t be a chicken—see what you can achieve!
- Different chickens of your choice: assess how they look when they’ve flown right into a concrete wall at unbelievable speed!
- Record replays without extra apps and share hilarious fails and amazing playthroughs!
- Smart optimization system that determines your device’s capabilities and adapts the graphics for best performance


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