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Requires SDK0

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Blade Master 2.5.6 apk Apk Files Downloaded 5000000 Times, Developer is Zhenghong Wang Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 0
Physics Puzzle Game - Blade Master

* 2 million downloads has been reached!

Rule of the game is simple.
Slice on the screen to cut the target blocks, making them drop down.
But remember, you have a limit number of times to cut.
Pass all the tests to become a real blade master!

* New stages(stage pack 3[IAIDO]) are updated.
What is IAIDO?
Check wiki here:

* You can find walk-through here.
[BASIC] mode
[IAIDO] normal
[IAIDO] hard

* You can find hints on the facebook page, please check it.
* On my youtube channel, there are some walk-through videos.

This game is developed by Future App Laboratory, which is a one-man-lab named by me. :P
If you like the game, just LIKE my home page on Facebook.
You can also see the link in the game.
Thanks a million! :)

* English in-game instruction is supported by Zvonko Stalevski.

If you have any problem to report, please sent me a mail by the following address.
[email protected]

If you need latest information on my apps, follow me on twitter.
http:[email protected]
Or on my google+ page


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