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Requires SDK21

Price: 3.00 €

Cubetronix LWP 1.0.3 apk Apk Files Downloaded 5 Times, Developer is Gauli Company For Launch Last Version You Need SDK 21
Cubetronix live wallpaper.

Minimalistic and fantastic cubes. Cubetronix LWP is a unique visual experience made of cubes.

Cubetronix LWP has:

- 13 different cube-lwp
- Camera zoom, try to zoom in & out.
- Choose the background colors of the gradient (Multiple color combinations)
- Change background colors automatically (infinite background colors randomized).
- Choose light intensity of the lwp
- Double tap open settings.
- Auto Pan mode.


Gauli presents the most original collection of life wallpapers, characterized by smooth and continuous movements. Gorgeous, full of depth and a unique style that will surprise everyone. Every detail reacts to the touch with magnetism and elegance. Open a window to the magical world of Gauli.

Gauli's Live Wallpapers is a new concept, developed for the decoration of the new interactive devices in which the beautiful illustrations being the characteristics of the brand, come alive on screen.

Auto-pan option (force scrolling): you can enable if your device launcher does not support background (wallpaper) scrolling (for example Samsung galaxy devices).

This is made for small mobile devices and tablets of high resolution, you'll enjoy it anyway.

If you find any errors please send it to the developer mailing and we will solved it in future updates.

The use of RAM is absolutely fully optimized, and so far we chose not to be installed on the SD card, since it could produce unexpected closures. To use the Live Wallpaper, you will will see an application icon, which will take you directly to the menu of Live Wallpapers, and there you will select yours.

We consider your Proposals, suggestions or ideas.

Enjoy it!!

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