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Micropayments are a kind of payment in which the amount of single transaction is not higher than 50PLN per transaction. We are serving the payments via mobile devices with use of NFC or Bluetooth functionality.
Our solution is working instantly: you can easily pay in shop using near field communication (NFC) or the same method to send money to your friends/family.
Easily you can do the payment to friend via cloud system just giving the e-mail address or phone number of the other user and the amount to be send, and that's all!
Additionally - you may use the geolocalisation payments - e.g. to enter the National Park or pay for the parking - Evopa could do the suggestions of available payment options near by you!

The payment transactions in are done instantly.

Companies which are going to accept Evopa payments have to pay monthly fee to use the service.
To use platform you are required to register online at
Enjoy the easy and fast mobile and web payments with!

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